March 29th, 2011

Having a puppy leads to some interesting decorative choices.

Like putting the garbage on the counter.

Barnacle is now roughly as tall as the garbage can, so he can easily stick his head in and grab anything he wants to eat. He usually ends up pulling out paper towel wads and ripping them apart - because he's a weirdo.

I know most people will see this and think, "Why the hell doesn't she just get a garbage with a lid?" Believe me, I've had the same thought process. But, I'm Shaquille O'Nealing my garbage until I get to Germany. Mainly because we're going to have to buy a garbage can when I get there anyway, because our stuff is going to take at least a month to get to us. We'll need a garbage can before that happens and I don't want to buy two garbage cans - because I'm cheap.

Also, I'm working on my jump-shot. Which can be messy when I'm tossing out my egg yolks in the morning.


  1. When you do get a new can, I recommend one that has a slide lock or something of the sort on it. Thankfully, our dog has never been interested in the trash can. But our can does have a lock on top. I think it will come in handy when we have toddlers because I know my nieces and nephews love to throw random toys away when no one is looking. This is the one we have...(in black)...

    They have other sizes of it too.

  2. Just make sure you're dunking on that trash can because Shaq couldn't make a free throw to save his huge ass shoes.

  3. @Colleen & Kevin

    There's no room in my kitchen for free throws, so I tend to just shoot it from the refrigerator, which is about 6 feet away. I call that a kitchen free throw - I'm sure it'll catch on in the NBA.