March 02 - March 03, 2011

In terms of drinking, my Chicago trip can only be described as a Diet Coke Relapse. When I saw these in the store, all I heard was "Baby Come Back."

So, I'm back on the aspartame train. However, you'll notice they're caffeine free. So, I'll be drinking aspartame, but I'll also be really tired all day long. It's an even trade.

Today I noticed a new vice.

Hershey Kisses. Yes, that's 3 bags. I like to grab a few before work to have throughout the day. I don't bring the whole bag, because then I would certainly overflow my desk chair and start resembling Jabba the Hut.

As for the dark chocolate kisses - Daniel bought those for himself. I don't eat them. Because they're gross.

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