March 22nd, 2011

Today I found out that I'm still going to be left in the dark as to when I'll get to see my husband. I also found out that it appears to be taking longer than they said it would. To very casually sum up a very bad day, I'm unhappy about this.

So, tonight it was necessary to wear my favorite pajama shirt.

My husband left this shirt here, I presume on accident. It happens to be my favorite shirt of his, I think because it says "I love you." I could send it to him, but instead I'm hoarding it until I get to see him, and on particularly bad days - I've taken to wearing it to bed. Let's just say I've worn it to bed more than once. I may or may not have had to wash it because of how much I wear it.

It seems counter-intuitive to be smiling in this picture. I was trying to think of him wearing it - trying to be positive about the whole thing. Basically, I had to take this picture fast.

I really hope I can give this shirt back to him sometime soon.

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