March 14th - 15th, 2011

On March 14th, I spent my evening being a dutiful wife.

I sent my husband all of his movies so he's not super bored - counting the days until I get to Germany. Oh, who are we kidding, he's definitely counting the days. But, at least now he'll be able to pass the sad and lonely hours with movies about zombies and the apocalypse - because those are the kinds of movies my husband likes.

Today, March 15th, was less awesome.

As it is the ides of March, it seems fitting that the day ended in a near death - of my dog.

I put Barnacle in his playpen for 20 minutes. After figuring out he couldn't knock it over or jump over it, he decided to try burrowing under it. I literally have the worst puppy on the planet, and I seriously had to still my rage upon seeing this. I think Barnacle was put on this planet to test my patience, and it turns out I have none. I feel like I'm housing a demon seed who is hell bent on making my life worse.

To make matters worse - there goes our security deposit. What an awesome end to the day.

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