May 31st, 2011

You have my permission to be shocked that I'm updating so quickly.

Today I documented a nice view.

Here is a view of the town I live near. I wish I could say this was taken out of my apartment window. But, sadly it was not. It was taken while on a walk with the kraken. This is the view the better apartments get - the apartments with balconies and better parking lots and walkways and parks and a running track...and I'm not bitter at all.

Anyway, this view is rather pretty, you can see the churches and all the houses. I'd wished it was a sunny day, however, I take what I can get, and at least it's not another picture of my dog.

May 23rd - May 30th, 2011

I've been remiss yet again. Perhaps my boring day to day life has sent me into a Project 365 slump. Either way, here is my photo dump, which almost finishes out May.

In a surprising turn of events, May 23rd's picture is of the kraken.

Barnacle's new favorite place to sleep is underneath the table - because he's a weirdo.

May 24th was an Irish day, and I cut up the biggest head of cabbage I have ever encountered.

Slicing it in half was exceedingly difficult, and as I was sawing at the vegetable, I noticed it looked creepy. So, of course, I took a picture for your viewing pleasure. The cabbage was delicious - by the way.

On May 25th, I noticed an odd friendship had formed in my house.

Edward and the snowman are BFF.

I kind of don't even want to explain this. However. We recently got a fraction of our household goods delivered - these two were in the same packaging and got set aside and forgotten in a flurry of unwrapping plates and cups, because there's not a clear place to put a Twilight doll and one random Christmas ornament.

On this day I noticed that they appear to be holding hands, and that the little sign on Frosty appeared to be proclaiming their best friendship. I say go for it inanimate objects, the world can always use friends.

On the 26th I took a brief cursory exploration trip around the housing and came upon this bench.

When I see it, I imagine it was built just after World War II, just because of its state of disrepair, and the fact that anything historical I see here I equate with World War II. I understand that Germany has a far greater and longer history than World War II, and as a history minor I should take that into account when citing historical items, but I still always think of the 1930's and 40's.

That being said, it's very possible that this bench was built in 1993 and it just fell into disrepair three years ago. But I still think it was built in 1946 and that's why it wildflowers are growing through it.

On May 27th I found a rather amusing bookmark.

Yes, folks, this is my Minister ID badge - I became a minister to perform the ceremony for my sister's wedding. I'm not particularly religious, and really have no right to be in charge of faith for anyone. But, I am legally capable of baptizing your kids, so be wary if I'm ever near them with say a garden hose or a glass of water.

On May 28th I came upon a snow storm.

Apparently the freezer door was left open a crack, and a blizzard ensued. Everything was showered in icy flakes, including the floor in front of the refrigerator.

On May 29th, there was a Kraken attack.

Barnacle wormed his way onto the couch and proceeded to go berserk, at the encouragement of my husband. That pretty much says it all.

Today, I took the kraken for a walk.

We came across numerous anti-dog signs around a track/dog area. Barnacle took personal offense to them.

May 19th - May 22nd, 2011

So, here's the other half of the week.

Let's see. May 19th I took a picture right before bed.

So - you get a blurry picture of my lilac candle. Woooot.

As for Friday, May 20th, I have proof that my husband is a friggin' weirdo.

He decided to lady and the tramp Barnacle's treat. Yep. That's all I have to say.

Saturday I fought the cold of death. (May 21st)

I have daytime weapons and nighttime weapons. For those who don't know me well - I remain medicated while I have a cold. I would love to erase all symptoms so that I forget I'm even sick. Suffice it to say, I'm kind of a baby when I'm ill.

Today, Daniel and I ventured out and found ourselves in a German monsoon.

As we drove to the PX, we navigated through a torrential downpour that was soon accompanied by big globs of hail smacking against our hooptie.

I'll be honest, when I thought of Germany I didn't think we would be seeing too many thunderstorms. However, I've seen two in the past three days. I've actually experienced more storms here than I did in Louisiana, go figure.

May 16th - May 18th, 2011

So, I only waited half a week to post this time. Progress people, I'm makin' it.

Now, this picture may lead you to believe that I took it in a back alley somewhere, or perhaps at a World War II ruin. But, it was taken in the courtyard of a government apartment building - the one where I live. (May 16th)

I don't know why this cone is here, or what that screen thing is on top of it, but I do know that I had to trudge over broken glass to get to it to take a picture of it - literally. When I heard that our section of housing was the ghetto housing, I guess it was true. Where I live apparently people get really rowdy and throw metal screens at cones and then smash glass for good measure.

We party hard in the army.

Yesterday's picture is just furthering my obsession with German weeds, they are far better than American weeds. All America has is dandy lions, and dandy lions are stupid. (I am clearly a weed expert)

May 17th

I like the miniature daisy weeds, and I got one of the cute little blue flowers in the shot for good measure.

Perhaps my finding beauty in the weeds hear stems from the fact that the "landscaping" by my apartment is a lot of dirt, random patches of overgrown grass, weeds, and broken glass and garbage. We're fancy here.

Today, a dog sent us to the poor house. (May 18th)

Most expensive vet visit to date - including getting the kraken neutered. Barnacle has hookworm so he needs medication (and another vet visit). He also had to get yet another vaccination, plus a heartworm test, plus frontline (we pulled two ticks off of him this past weekend), and his fulltime worm medication.

This dog is 6 months old and taking as much medication as a senior citizen.

May 9th - May 15th, 2011

Yeah, I'm playing catch up again. I also have no excuse for it, except maybe that I do the same thing day after day and thus have nothing to photograph. That being said - most of my pictures are boring, and revolve around a dog.

May 9th is a little bit interesting - my puppy is slowly morphing into an adult dog.

He lost one of his canines. I actually caught him hacking this up and forced him to spit it out. Since this picture he has lost both of his canines, plus another tooth. Needless to say - Barnacle is in full on teething mode. It's super awesome. I can't wait until he's done and stops chewing on everything - including the walls.

On May 10th I just took a random picture.

I got this green heart off of a German wine bottle I purchased. I decided to hang it from one of our cabinet handles, 'cause...well why not?

May 11th was almost my dog's 6 month birthday (actually I made up his birthday). So, here's a picture of the kraken.

He's getting huge-mongous.

My May 12th photo is not a product placement, but rather a disturbing advertisement photo.

This woman clearly needs to step back from her relationship with her dog and seriously question if it verges on bestiality.

I mean, come on, she seriously looks like she's about to make out with her dog. There's loving your pet and then there's loving your pet - don't cross that line, folks.

May 13th was Daniel and my six month wedding anniversary.

He got me beautiful flowers - including lilies, which I love. I made him an awesome meal, because apparently I can cook a little now. Never thought that would happen.

On the weekends I get to venture into the city (Ansbach), so you get a picture that is not taken inside of my apartment. (May 14th)

I've passed by this mural a few times, and it appears to be inspired by downtown Ansbach. Anyway, I think it's cool, so I took a picture of it.

Finally, today. (May 15th)

Ski and I were relaxing on the couch, semi-cuddling, and Barnacle got jealous and decided to join in. Basically any time my husband and I touch, Barnacle runs over and forces his way in because he's a jealous SOB.

May 2nd - May 8th, 2011 (AKA photo dump)

I have no excuse for not posting for a week. I'm currently unemployed and spend a good deal of my life sleeping and catching up on Days of Our Lives. However, somewhere in my sleepy/soap-opera time I couldn't find a minute to update. You have my sincerest apologies.

Anyway, May 2nd.

I've discovered a way to keep Barnacle occupied - give him a plastic bottle. It usually buys me at least 15 minutes of peace.

For May 3rd, a little neuroses.

My husband has an annoying habit of leaving the remotes flipped upside down. I would go on and on about how odd and unusual it is to leave a remote facing down (I mean it is odd), but, it's equally odd that I find it so annoying. I constantly find myself flipping the remotes the other way. To what purpose? I don't know. But, it really gets to me when the remotes are the wrong way. Maybe it's early onset Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Only time will tell.

Now, May 4th.

Barnacle is slowly (Very Slowly) becoming more calm and tolerable. So tolerable that one night he duped Daniel and I into letting him on the couch. I kid you not - he ended up on the couch after not 15 minutes of inching onto it, paw by paw. He's a sneaky, annoying bastard.

For May 5th, weird German machines.

This is what a German recycling truck looks like, it lifts the bins and dumps them in. I felt like a little kid watching a live Bob the Builder episode, it was fascinating.

And now, weird German weeds! (May 6th)

There is this one lone red flower weed amongst the dozens of yellow and white flowering weeds in our apartment's courtyard. I don't know what it is, but I took a picture of it. 'Cause it looks cool.

I also took a picture of this cute German house and garden because they look cool. (May 7th)

I just like the quaintness. Anywho.

Finally, today! May 8th!

A flowering tree blossomed seemingly overnight. It's over the fence of our on-post housing, but I can smell it just fine when I take Barnacle out. I don't know what it is, but it's pretty and it smells good.

April 29th - May 1st, 2011

Well, kids, we've entered May, the year is almost half over. Crazy, right?

Anyway. Friday, my fabulous sister, Emily, came to visit - she's stationed in Germany, too. (April 29th)

I showed her my new German digs and we introduced our dogs to one another. Her dog was quite annoyed by the kraken, but then again, who isn't?

Saturday was more laid back, a sweet relaxed evening. (April 30th)

Made more awesome by my wine. I actually got the same (cheap) wine I drink back in the states. Apparently it's so awesome they thought it should be shipped here. The truth is, I can't taste the difference between expensive and cheap wine and I haven't been in Germany long enough to be adventurous with theirs. So - I'm purely pleased with my same ol' wine. And, I don't mean to sound fancy, but this shiz did not come in a box.

Today Ski and I ventured into downtown for lunch, so I documented some more of the town for y'all. (May 1st)

Behold a bell-tower! There are actually bells on the wall that are small and kind of hard to see. So, I say it's a bell tower. I did not see Quasimodo, but I was sure to walk swiftly past the bell tower so that he wouldn't pour boiling oil on us. I might not have taken the precaution on other days, but I happened to look more like a visigoth today than other days.

Ok, I'm done.