March 30th - 31st, 2011

(March 30th) There's a reason I'm making the weird face.

This is my "I have no intention of giving this shirt back to my husband" face.

I found another shirt that Daniel forgot here. This is his original favorite shirt. I say original because he wore it so much that it's seriously worn out - cracked and torn all over - and I bought him a replacement shirt. However, he still wore both in public, because he couldn't get enough.

Notice how I used the past tense there? Yeah, he wore it. Not anymore, now it's my PJ shirt.

(March 31st) You know you're in Texas when...

When there's a giant gun at the gas station where you're filling up.

I guess the gun is also a grill. I assume the grill cooks things with gun powder. If it doesn't, that's seriously false advertising.

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