March 07, 2011

I actually missed the kraken, so he gets a picture today.

He spent Friday through Monday morning in a kennel while Daniel and I Galvestoned the weekend away, and I sort of missed him while he was gone, even though he's a vicious sea monster from which there is no escape. 

I also felt a little bit guilty for kenneling him for four days, so, after Daniel picked him up we gave him a giant bone which he hid in his new army blanket, because we only purchase military dog accessories. Really it's just a blanket Daniel got when he re-enlisted and Barnacle outgrew his towel.


  1. How does he do while at the kennel? My parents old dog used to do horribly. She wouldn't eat the entire time. Thankfully, our dog does pretty well. The longest she's been kenneled is 10 nights in a row.

  2. The lady said he was good - he was just a puppy - her words. I think he was fine, but he's crate trained and used to being in his crate while I'm at work, so that probably helped.