March 25th, 2011

Day two of a picture not taken in my house. Are you excited?

Well, it may be a bit of a let down because it's a picture of a dumpster. However, I find the sign on it very amusing.

I use this dumpster (located outside of my work) a few times a week. We don't have fancy janitorial staff here in the army, we take our own garbage out - like real men. It's lucky this garbage is on the way to my car, because otherwise my desk would be surrounded in rubbage.

Anyway, I find the sign on this dumpster amusing because who wants to climb into dumpsters so much that they need a sign thwarting their efforts? I also find it amusing because I've seen people climb into this very dumpster, to get crap that people discard from the barracks. So, the sign is clearly doing its job.

Also, what if Oscar the Grouch saw this sign? I would be very upset if a passing muppet thought he was so unwelcome that he couldn't make a home of our fair dumpster. It would definitely lift my day if I could talk to a muppet on my way into work, even if he just shouted obscenities at me as I passed (I assume Sesame Street is censored).

It almost makes me want to put up a sign next to this one that says "But, grouchy muppets can do as they please."

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