March 26th, 2011

I miss my husband. So, the universe sent me his mugshot.

Well, really that's his passport photo - they sent his extra one back. But, seriously, he looks like he just got his picture taken before doing hard time. I'm surprised his shirt doesn't have stripes on it.

The ironic thing is that my husband is an MP, so he shouldn't have a mugshot at all, but it appears he's been practicing for one. I almost imagine the photographer saying, "Ok, now, look as unhappy as you possibly can," before taking the shot.

The thing is, in real life he almost never makes this face. I've only ever seen this face a handful of times. Though, perhaps it is the face he would make while dealing with customs. So, perhaps in that respect it's appropriate. All in all the picture made me laugh, and for that reason, this picture of a picture is my picture for the day. Picture.

Sidenote: I was thinking about framing it and putting it next to the bed, but putting it online is probably enough to make him mad, but not totally crazy mad. Love you, baby.

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