March 27th, 2011

I had a sinister moment in Walmart because of this chocolate.

I ran out of Hershey Kisses, so I needed more, obviously that's a very important task that I got to immediately. So, I went to Walmart and found the Easter candy aisle, but all I could find were mini Hershey Rabbits. I looked around and around for the Hershey kisses, thinking, "I know they have to be here, I know they make them." But, alas, there were no kisses to be found in this aisle.

So, I angrily grabbed the pastel rabbits and my interior monologue continued. "Fine, I'll get the stupid fuckin' rabbits. Who even needs rabbits? They'll probably suck. This is stupid. Might as well not get anything at all."

I walked angrily around Walmart getting other necessary things - like $5 wine - thinking about how all my chocolate eating would now be messed up because I had portioned out 4 hershey kisses per day and now how would I portion out rabbits?! (Also, by portion, I mean this is how many I can eat before noon without appearing like a total cow at work - at least that's the rationale in my head)

As I worked myself into a frenzy about the God damn rabbits, I almost stomped right past another Easter candy aisle. But, my inner candy detector was on, so I caught it just in time to find my holy grail: a giant yellow box full of bags of pastel Hershey Kisses. I almost grabbed the box, but I stopped myself, thinking, "one bag is enough."

I thought about putting the rabbits back, but then I thought maybe I was too harsh with the rabbits, and that if I was feeling spicy I would throw a hare into my chocolate practices.

As a sidenote, I know I could've just went to the regular candy aisle and gotten silver Hershey Kisses. But, getting the pastel ones makes me feel like my constant chocolate eating is festive and thus acceptable.

All in all, I think my stress level has made me a little loopy. Don't you?

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