March 28th, 2011

Barnacle is mean to his friends.

I bought Barnacle this sock puppet about three days ago, and he's ripping his arm off.

I mean, I knew the sock puppet wouldn't last long, but he has such an innocent face. He seems so unphased by his fleshwound. Well, not really, his eyes kind of look like he's in pain but trying to hide it. Little does he know that he'll soon be torn limb from limb.

They really should make dog toys without faces, so you don't feel like a monster when you hand it to your dog and say, "Here, tear this to pieces."

Also, his arm reminds me of Toy Story 2, when Woody's arm is coming off. I hope Socky doesn't come to life and get stolen and subsequently fixed by a giant chicken who wants to sell him to China.

I'm a nerd.

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