March 20th, 2011

My Sunday kinda sucked. But, I did get something I've needed since before I moved to Louisiana.

A paper shredder. I have mounds and mounds of papers saved up that require shredding. In fact, I think I have the treaty of Versailles stuffed in my piles of papers, and Georges Clemenceau would be pissed if someone tried to steal his identity.

Sidenote: I like this picture cause it makes the robot look like kind of a pig, with the paper all hangin' out the side of his mouth. You're a slob, paper robot. Get a napkin at least.


  1. I agree, your paper shredder looks like a pig. Bad shredder! I also thought about doing the 365 picture thing. I do snap pictures everyday on my phone, but I hope to get around to such a blog soon.

  2. You should! It's a cool way to look back at the year :)