March 04 - March 06, 2011

I'm allowed this little photo dump because I was out of town for the weekend having a delayed honeymoon. Granted, I don't consider these three days to be our whole honeymoon, but it was still really fun and I got some good pictures outta the deal, so at least you get that much.

March 04, 2011. My husband handed over my birthday present, since he will be away on my birthday - in Germany, and who knows the next time I'll see him. You can't hear my panic/resentment, can you?

It is a white gold claddagh ring with my birthstone as the heart. The band is really delicate, it makes me nervous I'll bend it, so I don't wear it when I sleep. But, it's beautiful and I love it. Now, stop looking at my fat fingers.

March 05, 2011: I set aside my fear of fish to explore one of Galveston's attractions: Moody Gardens Aquarium.

My reward: I saw Shaaaaaarks. It's safe to say that I steadied my panic by taking a million pictures and focusing on trying to get a good one. I took a hellofalot of pictures to get to this one, and I enjoy it. However, the best part of the aquarium were the seals - who were doing flippies and tricks. However, I got zero good pictures of them. Go figure.

March 06, 2011: Getting a good picture of my husband and I is hard work.

A lot of things have to magically fall into place. I have to, first of all, think I don't look fat. That is a huge hurdle - pardon the pun. Then, there is the hurdle of getting us both in the picture without cutting off half of one - or both - of our faces. Finally, we have to surpass my husband's fake smile. I have no examples because I deleted them all - but the expression is one that says "I'm smiling, right? Totally smiling."

Toward the end of picture taking, I resorted to poking him in the stomach before each click so he would laugh, then I would laugh, and that is how we got this picture, with two genuine smiles. I'm a GENIUS.

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