March 1st, 2011

Daniel and I rang in March by trying to tame the kraken.

Barnacle started puppy training. He was, of course, the spazziest dog there. He literally had bloodshot eyes from how much he was straining to get at other dogs - who were barely interested. As my husband put it - he was the kid in class who Just Won't Calm Down. It was pretty embarrassing, but the lady says they get better with every class. I really hope she's right.

Anyway, the picture is Daniel doing part of our homework, working on "leave it, take it." It's my favorite picture because you can just see how much Barnacle Wants the treat. It takes him a minute to get that he has to leave it, but he's getting better. The teacher told us to us it when he tries to bite, I'm also going to use it for when he tries to rip apart the leash - like an a-hole.

I really hope these training classes work, cause I can't take the spazatron being this spazzy for much longer.

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