March 17th, 2011

I forgot it was Saint Patrick's Day until Facebook status updates reminded me. A year ago I would be gearing up for a drinking weekend and probably wearing something green and eating corned beef. This year, I'm wearing a purple shirt, I had frozen pizza for dinner, and the most interesting thing that happened today was this.

Barnacle looks like Dino from The Flinstones. I gave him this dinosaur bone - which came from a T-Rex I unearthed with Jeff Goldblum in the backyard - about two weeks ago. His puppy teeth aren't quite up to the task of devouring it, however, which is evident by the fact that he's still working on it.

He still heroically attempts to rip it apart whenever he can. But, rather than tearing through it like a ferocious monster, his tiny baby teeth just grind at it while he makes a sort of gagging sound.

It still keeps him busy for awhile, and for that reason - I am grateful.


  1. hey guess what?! even when youre being all sad and emo and bella-like (i'll punch you for that one later) i still miss and love the "home improvement" out of you. yes, from now on, that term can be used in place of "heck", "shit", or "bananas" cuz those are three words that i usually use in that phrase. but for you my love, its "home improvement". also, please smooch your demon dog for me :)

  2. You can't punch me - cause I know you got the reference, so that makes you guilty by association. I miss and love the home improvement out of you, too. And, I will only kiss Barnacle if there are smile/hitler cookies as a reward :)