March 11-13th, 2011

Yeah there's no picture for March 10th. Just imagine a sad Caitlyn driving to Houston and a happier Caitlyn driving back from Houston with her friends in tow, that was pretty much my day.

March 11th was spent in search of alligators - instead the most interesting find of the day was discarded half-eaten pizza on a walmart shelf. Instead of that picture (of course I took a picture of it), you can see my friends who rescued me from depression on my birthday weekend.

Here are Liz and Melissa at Alligator Lake, where we saw no alligators. We did, however, see a soldier fishing while in uniform - which was odd and kind of made me wonder what he was supposed to have been doing but was instead fishing in the lime green waters. We also saw a few turtles.

March 12th, aka my birthday.

I got a sweet Littlest Pet Shop card from Liz, which transformed in a play-pen for cardboard animals. The mouse is the leader, because he is clearly a czar from Russia, and would rule over the other pets. Bow down to me and my silly hat!

March 13th was more sad. After bidding adieu to my lovely ladies I did very little except drive and then scold Barnacle for being a right a-hole.

Thus, my new weapon against him - change in a can. I probably don't use it entirely properly, but if I can't get him to stop barking or biting, or generally being a dick, I shake it and he runs away. Usually.

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