March 21st, 2011

My life these days basically consists of work and a dog. So, please don't be surprised that today's picture is of my dog.

I never knew what a pain in the ass puppies are. Barnacle tests my patience a lot, like this morning when he swiped his paw at me and simultaneously scratched my thigh (through my pajama pants) and gave me a nice streaky bruise. I'd show you, but I make it a practice to hide those tree trunks.

Anyway, this picture is proof that there are actually people who like my dog - my dad, for instance. He sent my dog a bag of Bully sticks. They're a kind of bone for dog - and dogs super psychotically love them. It's kind of magical that all I have to do is give Barnacle one and he leaves me alone for an hour unless he has to pee or, well, the other thing.

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