February 26th - 28th, 2011

Alright, after tonight my hall pass is pretty much up. I had to basically fall asleep (for three hours) after my (awesome) party on Saturday, and then drive for sixteen hours on Sunday. So, I'm posting three pictures today. Enjoy!

February 26th:

My friends threw me a very awesome dinner party to celebrate my nuptials - we eloped in a true army ceremony. This picture is my favorite of the night, because: one, it's awesome, and two, it does not contain me, and I'm not loving my extra weight these days.

February 27th:

Melissa gave me my new favorite picture in my new favorite frame. It looks like we're doing the shocker - but really we're practicing our Matt Hardy gang signs. Which look like the shocker.

February 28th:

Two awesome things happened today: we went to Mexico Lindo, and Daniel got a medium fade haircut. I'm not a fan of the high and tights and now I don't have to look at one every day. Some of this jargon may make no sense to non-military folk. So, in short, he had a haircut I did not like, and now he has a haircut I do like.

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