January 31st, 2011

Aside from the heat, Louisiana has its charms.

Like finding three foot mosquitos on your laundry closet doors. At the end of January.

As I was walking around my apartment, wondering what I should take a picture of today, I happened upon a mosquito from the Jurassic period.

I stared at the mammoth creature and pondered getting out my molten amber and covering the mosquito, thus preserving whatever blood he currently held in his belly and providing the plot for an awesome movie involving monstrous creatures and Jeff Goldblum.

Instead, I got my camera and took photographic evidence of this mutant mosquito. I took about 15 pictures before calling Daniel to kill him. This is how that conversation went.

I pointed to the mosquito and asked, "Can you kill it?"

Daniel looked down at the camera clasped in my right hand. "So, you can take pictures of it, but you can't kill it," he said incredulously.

"I don't like the crunchy-squishy feeling bugs make when you kill them."



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