January 10th, 2011 (Barnacle)

Meet, Barnacle! (Barney)

He is a 6.5 - 7 week old black lab mix. He's adorable and gets into everything and has basically insisted that we puppy proof the apartment. We're still working on it, so far we've lifted the cables off the floor. But, soon we'll get twist ties and things to make it 100% safe.

We bought food, a tiny leash, a tiny collar, tiny toys and tiny bones. His crate, however is big, because he will be bigger one day. He'll be crate trained and potty-trained (hopefully soon).

My husband wanted to get one very bad and I want a kitten very bad. But, when he said one of the reasons he wanted one was so I wouldn't be alone when he leaves for Germany in two months, I conceded because it's indescribably cute that he's worried about my being alone. I'm a sap. Anyway, I'll have a kitten one day. For now, I have a puppy to wrangle.


  1. OH MY GOD! PLEEEEASE tell me youre bringing him when you come here.. are you still coming here for a visit before you leave? i require a puppy date.. i'll puppy-sit so we dont have to hang out.. i mean.. i'll watch him while you go get us cookies :) hey! do you hear tim allen commercials there? cuz they are in full force here right now..

  2. We are bringing him :) and Tim Allen must've got like 300 voice-over contracts lately.

  3. I have to admit, as much as Sahara sucks, I do feel better knowing she's around while I'm alone. She was outside when they delivered my mattress, but she heard noises in my room and ran to my bedroom window and barked at the guys. 2 big, black guys and they were terrified, lol.

  4. hahaha, yeah i think i'll feel better when ski leaves now - i won't be totally alone. even though a puppy won't protect me much. :)