January 19th, 2011

Today's picture is not my favorite shot I've ever taken, but it sums up my accomplishment of the day.

I built two nightstands today. Ski's is on the other side, but it looks exactly the same so you get the idea.

I kind of hate and kind of love building my furniture. I hate it because it's a pain in the ass. My fingers are sore from allen wrenching for two hours. My back hurts from bending over numerous pieces of wood. My dog is soaked from trying to chew on it as I put it together. It wasn't the most fun Wednesday evening I've ever had.

However, I am happy that I can actually build a nightstand - with my husband's help. It gives me a little feeling of accomplishment, and I kind of love that.

Now, I never thought I'd be psyched for a pair of nightstands. Nor did I think I would be psyched for our table and chairs, our coffee table, and especially our bed. But, always having to balance a plate on your lap while you eat, balancing a TV on a tote, and balancing your back on an air mattress will definitely make you appreciate these things.

I like that Daniel and I are starting from scratch, it's sappy but it's all ours together. However, that means that any time we get a new (needed) piece of furniture I become Ecstatic. I will definitely appreciate these nightstands, because I've been using a tall tote that doesn't exactly have a smooth surface and my sleep machine has crashed to the ground more times than I can count. I'm actually surprised it still works.

Next up - a dresser. That should be fun to put together. *sigh*

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