January 4th/5th, 2011

So, in my last Project 365 there's a picture of me with humongous pupils. The evil eye doctors dilated my eyeballs at my checkup. Well - they're not really evil, they were actually very nice - but getting your eyes dilated sucks, I had a headache for three hours. Anyway, the post for yesterday is kind of a follow-up picture.

I got new glasses. This is how I looked ALL DAY, because my new prescription is stronger and as an added bonus there's an astigmatism spell on them (I don't know how they fix astigmatism, but I assume it's with a magic wand), so my eyes felt, just as my doctor told me they would, like they were being "pulled" all day. It's gotten a little better since yesterday, but I'm still not 100% adjusted - to the glasses. And in general.

Today's picture is a touch more whimsical.

Again - this king was featured in last year's 365. However, since that picture, my Burger King bobblehead has become a pen-holder. The reason is mostly that I get bored and I'm a known fidgeter, so I basically started sticking pens on him and seeing where they would balance. As you can see, I found a few places.

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