January 7th, 2011

I didn't post yesterday because I was busy getting star coins in SuperMario for Wii. I now have all the star coins for worlds 1 through 3. I stayed up until 1 am, even though I was really tired, because I really, really needed to get those coins. For some reason it was very important to me.

Anyway, our friend Terry is staying with my husband and I while he clears Fort Polk. For, he is escaping bumble a month before Daniel, and probably two months before I get to go to Germany. Anyway, I took a picture of Daniel and Terry for today's 365 picture.

This is how they sit in the living room - they spoon. In fact, their loving nicknames for one another are "Big Spoon" (Terry) and "Little Spoon" (Daniel). I would find this disturbing as Daniel's wife, however, if you spend any time in the army, you will be bombarded with a lot of homosexual "jokes" among soldiers. I'm actually surprised Don't Ask Don't Tell was JUST repealed, because the soldiers appear to have no problem with being gay, and especially being explicitly gay with their fellow soldiers - including spooning with one in front of your wife.

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