January 20th, 2011

I guess puppies grow fast.

After just a week and a half Barnacle is already bigger. I absolutely cannot tell what he is mixed with. I still think Lab, but he does not look all Lab. I'm not a dog expert. I'm not even a dog person, so someone smarter than me will have to gander a guess as to Barnacle's lineage.

Despite a few daily accidents he's getting better, he's starting to learn what "No" means. But, we still have to occasionally accompany that with a squirt of water. Daniel commented that he looked like Kujo with all the dark spots on his fur where the water landed. After that I couldn't look at him without imagining as an evil rabies infested beast.

He definitely gets into everything and points out what a bad housekeeper I am. He wandered out of the hallway not once but TWICE with a dryer sheet hanging out of his mouth. I have no idea where he got them, I guess they floated down somewhere, and he's seriously the weirdest dog ever, who wants to chew on dryer sheets, the oven door, and a METAL crate.

I would end up with the weirdest dog on the planet.


  1. I still think Daisy takes the cake as the weirdest dog ever, but maybe you have weird dog #2.

    OR... maybe Daisy reincarnated herself in the form of Barnacle just for you! Better start baby-proofing!

  2. Oh Jeezus, don't curse me! Though, he might be mixed with a beagle-ish dog, his ears are bigger than a lab's.