January 12th, 2011

I moved to Louisiana expecting a complete culture shift - which I found. The closest Target is one and a half hours away, ditto for Old Navy and any kind of chain restaurant. I mostly only buy things like clothing online because I don't feel like driving all the way to Alexandria.

I expected stifling summers, and I certainly got a taste of one - coming here in August. However, I can't say I've really survived a deep southern Louisiana summer considering I was only here for the tail end of it. Mostly I've come to enjoy the mild fall and winter. I enjoy that it was 70 degrees outside a few days before Christmas. I kind of missed snow, but I didn't miss driving in it or practically shoveling it off the roof of my car. I enjoy that I've only worn my winter coat a handful of times. Today was one of those days.

Now, I was kind of irritated by this, I've come to enjoy throwing on a light sweater and walking out the door in mid January. However, there was a benefit from it.

This fountain literally turned to ice. I passed it on my way to work. I've never seen anything like it, maybe because in Chicago they turn fountains off at the first sign of cold weather. However, in Louisiana this is inclement weather - 45 degrees on January 12th - so this fountain was left on.

I don't know the science or process of how this happens. I'm sure it's the exact same principle as icicles, but I never cared enough to research it and I still don't. I just care that this fountain looks really cool.

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