January 3rd, 2011 (Signs)

If you don't know me well, then you probably don't know that in certain aspects I resemble a gypsy/hippy lady. I believe in fate, I believe in tarot cards, shooting stars, blowing wishes on fallen eyelashes, and lastly I believe in signs.Which leads us to my picture of the day. But, first, an introduction.

I've been completely Julie Andrewsing out lately (yes I just used her name as a verb). Anyway, it started with trying to watch The Sound of Music reunion on Oprah. I couldn't watch it on youtube, and so began what can only be described as a Julie Andrews frenzy. I searched for and watched any and all interviews featuring Julie Andrews on youtube. I think the total was somewhere around ten, but I can't remember, my memories from that time are all feverish. However, I was still not satisfied, I had to find the Oprah episode. I couldn't find it on any website,  or anywhere at all - including Oprah's website - which I found incredibly annoying. In the meantime, I added The Sound of Music to my Netflix list and promptly moved it to the top. I then watched Despicable Me and suddenly realized that Julie Andrews was the voice of the mother therein. I was thus sparked to return to my Oprah search and this time I eventually found it, watched it, rewatched it, and then had a dream that I was in the Austrian hills, twirling around and singing - well, not really, though that would've been funny.

Anyway - I thought my Julie Andrews streak was over until I happened to stumble upon this while in line at Walmart:

It was FATE! I couldn't believe that my Julie Andrews fever led me to that particular line - where there just happened to be a display of books, with this one at the forefront. I don't really know why I'm having Julie Andrews signs, why she keeps popping up everywhere, but I felt compelled to buy the book, and I am determined to read and finish it. I daresay that Julie Andrews is my new hero.


  1. I found this very "Jeff Goldblum." Not really sure what that means, but that is immediately what I thought of when I read your entry.

  2. Then why didn't you mark it??? hahahahaha

  3. Uh, I did. Duh. There is 1 "jeff goldblum."

  4. It didn't show up til after you commented. :)