January 2nd, 2011

It's the second day of the year, and my husband is working staff duty (he's an MP in the army), which basically means he works twenty-four hours on, then two days off. It sucks that I won't see him until tomorrow evening, when I get off work, but it's also given me the excuse to not get out of my PJs, watch America's Next Top Model, eat the candy out of his Christmas stocking, and not shower. Granted, it's very possible that I would do all these things if he were home, however, since he's not, I don't have the running commentary about it all day.

His working staff duty segues nicely into the picture of the day:

I took this picture before my husband left for work (I woke up at 5am dying of thirst), I stumbled upon this setup and was not at all surprised by it, I see it any day my husband has work the next morning. Now, in most aspects of life, Daniel is not compulsively organized. I'd show you his closet as exhibit A, but I'm a little scared to open the door because I swore I heard growling in there and I'm pretty sure it was a monster. Daniel is really only compulsively organized with getting to work on time and making sure everything is in order before he goes to bed. Maybe this stems from his basic training, or maybe it's just a weird quirk, but I think it's kind of amusing and cute and deserving of my picture of the day.

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