January 23rd, 2011

This is me, in Houston.

Know why I'm making that face? Why I look unimpressed by this rather un-majestic metropolis?

I hate Houston. This city sucks. I'm sorry to any Houstonites who love this city and its dirty sidewalks and strange men in the middle of highways waving signs at cars. But, I hate it here. I feel unsafe everywhere I go. I believe there are no good parts of Houston, granted I don't venture much outside the radius of my hotel, but I don't really want to after seeing what little of the city I have. The only place I don't feel like I'll get robbed at knifepoint (I don't know - it just seems like a knife-fight kind of city) is in my hotel room at the Hilton.

Before you go on about how I'm spoiled I am for staying at a Hilton, just stop. Anyone who has to travel to this city deserves to stay at Buckingham Palace, because the whole city sucks. It's crime filled and filthy. Do you want to know why I know it's crime filled? The last time I was here my corporate credit card number got stolen and someone went on a $200 joyride at Target. So, not only is this place filled with criminals, they're high class - I still had my card in my wallet when they made the purchase and the bank called telling me there were suspicious purchases on my card.

"Have you made a purchase at a Houston Target thirty minutes ago?"

"I'm just crossing the border into Louisiana."

"So, no?"


I don't feel safe going anywhere in the stupid town and I wish I didn't have to be here. Unfortunately, I have to go through training for work, and unfortunately it had to take place here. Tuesday can't come soon enough.


  1. lol did you practice making that unimpressed face? i bet a smile cookie would change that! get your fanny (and that puppy's fanny) up here stat!

  2. We'll be there the 19th - the 26th, dude! (including Barnacle). I expect a lot of smile cookies!!