January 30th, 2011

Furthering in the vain of a dog taking over my life.

(sidenote: this was not a picture of Barnacle, he just photobombed)

I just wanted to showcase how much crap we've bought Barnacle. In case it's not clear, we have 2 types of treats and 5 types of bones plus a jumbo pack of pee-pads. I did also add his monkey, because I thought it was funny.

I can't believe how much money I've thrown at a dog who is more happy pulling apart/humping his pillows (lovely) than doing anything else.

I guess this gets me karma points - for rescuing a shelter dog and then spoiling him rotten. But, still, when did I get here? How did I get here? Did he poop?

That last question was aimed at my husband.

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