January 18th, 2011

In this edition of Barnacle Wars I introduce you to our new weapon against the opposition.

I bought his and hers spray bottles today at the PX and filled them with water, then I had a wizard place a dog repellent curse on them.

Any time Barnacle bites my ankles or chews on the couch, table legs, the oven door (that's a new one, and seriously, what dog bites an oven door?), or the 12 packs of pop sitting on the floor in the kitchen I spray him. After I spray him, he promptly runs away to the sanctuary of his cage, apparently he feels safe from the evil water there.

I read that this was a good training tool for dogs. I want to send whoever came up with this tool a vial of my tears of joy and one million dollars, because I've found out how well it works. My stress level today is about 10% of what it was yesterday. I am not tearing my hair out when he sinks his cracken fangs into my leg, instead I spray his head and he scampers away. I hope this works forever, or until he stops biting me. And everything else.

We also signed him up for puppy training at petsmart. I will be driving to Alexandria once a week starting March 1st. I probably won't be able to go to all of the 6 week course, since I'll be moving to Germany in March/April, but this was the next class and any class starting in February we'd miss classes too for various trips.

Soon, Barnacle will be a trained Cracken, who will only attack our enemies' ankles. You've been warned, enemies.


  1. Celebrating Aiden's/Jensen Ackles/Zach Morris's birthday at PetsMart. Awesome! haha

  2. It's how I always do it! Hahaha

  3. We also have a spray bottle we use with our puppy!

  4. It's a Godsend! Except sometimes now he tries to drink the water...