January 15th, 2011

Except for the three hours I was taking a nap today, this is basically all I did.

I was spraying everything in the house with Anti-Chew Spray. Barnacle would eat my entire house - tiles and roof and all if he were allowed to run rampant. However, I bought anti-chew spray and spray any and everything he sets his teeth to, not including his chew toys. I let him chew his pillow too, cause he's just shootin' himself in the foot there, and we all know that he'll learn his lesson if I let him chew through his own bed.

The problem nobody tells you about with anti-chew spray is that it wears off after about 24 hours and I have to spray everything again, either that or Barnacle's a genius and realizes that the chair legs won't taste bad after a certain amount of time. He's like the velociraptors in Jurassic Park who attack different parts of the fence to see if maybe that part won't electrocute them.

I will say that it's pretty funny to spray the table and chair legs and watch him wander back over, sniff twice, jerk back and run away from the nasty smell. Haha, puppy, I am smarter than you. Only a little bit, though.

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