April 14th, 2011

My house is very echoey at the moment.

The movers took almost all of our stuff - well all the big stuff anyway. So, I decided it's a good enough opportunity to play fetch with Barnacle since he has more room to run around.

I'm currently sitting on the air mattress I had to buy in order to sleep here until Saturday. My butt is cold, because it's touching the ground, but it's better than sitting on the floor. I'm pretty much completely exhausted from how much stress my day has had. I had clashing appointments to stress over. I had to take the kraken to the vet. I got no sleep last night. I'm more or less a zombie right now. However, the big moving day is done, tomorrow is little moving stuff, plus probably selling a car.

You can count on me sleeping in on Saturday and Sunday. Bet your bottom dollar. I don't even know what a bottom dollar is, maybe it's the dollar you keep at the bottom of your sock drawer. Or in your shoe. Or your butt.

Bet your butt dollar.

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