April 8th, 2011

On a day of rising stress that includes not only all of the things I have to do to move to Germany, but also the government slashing my husband's pay right as I'm leaving my job, I thought I'd take a picture of something beautiful.

I looked out of my window at work and this rose was bobbing up and down in the wind. I went outside to see a rosebush practically growing out of the side of the building I work in, and there was one lone bloom on it. It just seemed hopeful to me, that amidst the chaos and stress that so many people are dealing with right now you can find a rose blooming out of concrete.

I realize it's very hippyish and I may be grasping at straws for things to make me feel better by finding hope in a flower. But, sometimes in life you have to do that.

Sometimes you have to see the rose blooming out of the bullshit, or else you're just swimming in shit.

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