April 18th - 19th, 2011

In my infinite wisdom, I knew I would probably forget to take a picture of the airports/planes/airport bars I visited. Well, really I didn't visit any airport bars, but I was tempted to in my frazzled, stressed out state. So, in the morning, before Germany-Gate 2011, I took this picture. (April 18th)

During my stay in New Orleans I just happened to get a[nother] tattoo. I'm incorigible. But, I've been really wanting one, so...I do what I want. In case you can't tell - it's a star gazer lily (my favorite flower), which I added to my arm tattoo.

For my first picture in Germany, I actually took a picture of something Polish. (April 19th)

You'll have to excuse me - but, getting to see my husband was the most exciting part about coming to Germany. Hopefully the coming pictures will be of German things, but don't get too excited. I can't drive yet and I don't have my car so I'm pretty much stuck in an apartment all day.

Hopefully this weekend I will be able to take a picture of schnitzel or something.


  1. Schnitzel is REALLY bland. I don't remember if I told you. Make sure you get garlic mayonaisse or something with it.