April 1st - 3rd, 2011

My weekend was spent seeing my sister and nephews, because they are awesome and I'm really going to miss them while I'm in Germany.

(April 1st) My plot begins with giving my nephews dinosaur toys.

Next, I find a Jeff Goldblum action figure. Then, we will recreate Jurassic Park scenes any time I babysit. That is, until they are old enough to watch the movie with me and will then fully understand the magnificence of the Goldblum.

(April 2nd) This dinosaur toys prove I'm an exceptional aunt, this just cements it.

I let my nephew vacuum my car for me.

I know it looks like he's just doing the work for me, which he is, but, he also wanted to. He literally asked me if he could help. So, I supervised as my nephew cleaned out the filth that is (was) Reptar.

Being an aunt is awesome.

(April 3rd) The end of the weekend is just an example of my materialism.

Behold! The holder of my fortune!

We went to the fossil outlet and I got this badass purple wallet for a badass price. I heart it.

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