April 23rd - April 24th, 2011

In keeping with my resolution to take pictures outside of my apartment walls, on Saturday we ventured into town and I remembered to pull out my camera. (April 23rd)

This is the view up one of the roads, with a church in the background. The whole town pretty much looks like this - in other words it's a very pretty town.

Daniel and I walked around for awhile, and I noticed that almost everywhere sells beer: cafes, ice cream shops, libraries. Ok, well I didn't see any libraries but I'm sure they sell beer there, too. That being said, I didn't drink any beer. I did, however, drink some wine with lunch, because that's how us (pseudo) Europeans roll.

Today, Easter, was more laid back. Basically all we did to celebrate was eat cinnamon rolls (which I baked from a can) and watch Modern Family. It was a lazy day, so I forgot to take a picture until maybe twenty minutes ago when I happened upon a funny household scene. (April 24th)

My husband is going into the field for five days (starting tomorrow - don't even get me started on how irritating it is that right when I get here he gets called away) and he was taking his bag to his car. So, I insisted he take the kraken out to pee. When I looked at the pair of them, it seriously looks like Ski is taking Barnacle to war with him.

Or, it might look like an over-sized kid running away with his dog. I hope they packed enough saltines to last them through the night.


  1. Saltines???? What about chocolate chip cookies like Ciara and Theo?? Don't forget the pink cell phone that they won't answer!

  2. @Renee Ski always has his pink cell phone! And I did pack him cookies. I just hope he can get himself and barnacle onto the back of a tree-trimming truck with no one noticing.