April 7th, 2011

Barnacle is a boy dog...sorta.

He got neutered today.

The first thing the lady at the vet office said was, "Oh you can't even tell he got neutered, he's crazy." This, of course, was immediately embarrassing. I wanted to know what antics he got up to, how much he terrorized the vet's office. But, I also didn't want to know.

I also felt vindicated. It proves that I'm not lying about how insane my dog is, that it's not crazy to be super stressed by him.

The sad part is, I could tell he was drugged. He jumped on me when he saw me, but it wasn't with as much energy as usual. He was slower, he didn't pull as much. I wish he was always like that.

Right now he's in his cage because if I let him stay out he tries to play, and I'm worried he'll rip his stitches. I'm not going to lie, it's kind of nice to have him confined and there be a legitimate reason for it besides "this dog is making me crazy."

I don't know how long his insane amount of energy will last, but it's got to end sometime...right?

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