April 25th - 26th, 2011

Barnacle has picked up an interesting new habit. (April 25th)

He likes to stand like a human and look out the window.

This picture almost creeps me out. He really does look like a person. I also took this picture to emphasize how big Barnacle is now, and he's only five months old. Yikes.

Now, onto my injury of the day. (April 26th)

I smashed my foot under our apartment door while trying to take the kraken out. As you can see, my right second toe is scraped and bruised. I'm actually pretty sure it's a bone bruise because it hurts like hell.

Basically, I opened the door ON my foot. So, it smashed it, and trapped it underneath at the same time. So, I got bonus injuries - there's a layer of skin ripped off my toe, and also a bruise. Also, my toe is definitely swollen.

But, I do have a hot limp now - so it all works out.

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