April 10th, 2011

Today I did something quite liberating.

I shredded two years of my life.

I've been collecting papers that I don't feel comfortable with just recycling for a long time. I collected these papers in a Disney Princess bag, because that's what adults do. Mostly they're bills and bank statements - evidence of my student loans and such. For whatever reason I never bought a shredder and somehow never encountered one to borrow, but I was always too nervous to just recycle all this paper with my information on it. I even lugged the Disney Princess bag full of bills to Louisiana with me. To say this bag was a monkey on my back is somewhat of an understatement.

I decided recently that I would not be bringing my princess bag to Germany. I wasn't about to pack that monkey. So, I bought a $30 shredder from Walmart about three weeks ago (as you might remember), and it took me until today, about a week before leaving for Germany, to finally shred everything.

I clogged the shredder three times, and I was pretty sure I broke it for good the last time. But, I unclogged it with a butterknife and tweezers because I one, have ingenuity, and two, am very safe. Anyway, I ended up with one and a half garbage bags full of shredded paper which are now gone from my life.

Goodbye Princess bag of stress. I'm sorry to say I won't miss you.

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