April 5th, 2011

Let me explain my stress via visual aids.

This is all the crap I got for moving to Germany. I'm expected to read all of it and know how to do anything in there required of me.

To start - I'm not going to read...almost any of it. But, I feel like I'm supposed to - so I have that school guilt sitting on my shoulders again. Plus, this mammoth stack of unreadable papers makes me feel like I have one million things to do before I leave the country. So, because of all this stress, I made a sizable journey to the dumpster today to get rid of anything I deemed extraneous. I still have the daunting task of going through my fridge, freezer, and pantry. But, I'm putting that off for as long as possible.

I also made my shred pile larger and am now afraid that the machine will die before I even get a chance to enjoy it.

The good news is that I can now see my kitchen table. Sort of.

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