February 13th, 2011

Unfortunately, there are no insane Barnacle pictures to post today. Although, never fear - he is still, in fact, insane. He's currently chewing one of the 45 half eaten bones he has strewn across the house.

The big things of the day: went to work (yes on a Sunday), made lunch for my husband and I, went to see Just Go With It (surprisingly good), went to Walmart, and fell on the couch in a heap. But, the really cool thing that happened today was I noticed that almost all the lilies in my Valentine's day flowers are blooming- just in time for Valentine's day.

I love them all, I wish they wouldn't die. But, silk flowers blow.

Sidenote: While taking the picture - standing on a chair over the flowers, bending and twisting to get different angles on the blooms - I heard Daniel say this to my dog.

"See, Barnacle, now I'm going to have to take her to the Emergency Room."

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