February 4th, 2011

After my weekend plans were ruined by an inch of sleet, my husband and I made a spontaneous (necessary) purchase.

New living room set! A couch and love seat, plus a coffee table and two side tables (which you can't see, but they're there.

Ski and I went to a furniture store just to look at dressers, and wound up with a living room set. We found a sofa set that was less than one couch would normally cost. Seeing as our former couch and chair were on their last legs, literally, it seemed like a deal we couldn't pass up.

These couches are sturdy and super comfortable, and I loooorve them. The coffee and end tables are much better than the plastic shelves we were using as a remote/drink/computer cord holder we were using.

The best thing about the tables and couches? I didn't have to put them together. Score.

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