February 2nd, 2011

We have a deal in my house.

I cook - Ski does the dishes.

We mostly split the housework, he did the laundry today and swiffered the floors. But, he doesn't really do anything all day since he's clearing Fort Polk, so he can clean.

I admit this way of doing things works better than switching off cooking. I kind of found out I'm a micro manager when he tries to cook, and I'm not exactly Julia Child.

But, once he was making pork chops, vegetables and rice. I walked in after about 20 minutes and looked at the stove. There was a pot of violently rice threatening to overflow.

"How long has that been boiling?" I asked, turning down the heat.

"I dunno, 20 minutes?" Daniel replied.

"Did you even read the directions?"

"Pfft, who needs directions?"


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