February 18th, 2011

It's pretty cool driving through mountains. I honestly didn't know Arkansas had mountains - I'm not a geography buff. We veered a tad off course on our way to Chicago because I read that a highway through Arkansas was pretty. It was, but the mountains weren't the most interesting view of the day.

This was.

No one was hurt. Rather, there was a crowd of people standing a ways away on the shoulder watching their car burn up. There were about eight people, so I don't know how they were all in the same car - maybe they called friends to watch the show. I think one was eating popcorn.

I'll admit - it's gotta suck watching your car go up in flames. But, it's also pretty entertaining. Those had to be some conflicting emotions for that car owner.

The fire actually went on for a while before the firemen put it out. It actually looked like they were watching it like everyone else was, just waiting to see how far it would go. Eventually they put it out and let us drive past, and the front of that car did not look so good. It was singed black and one of the tires was melted on the pavement.

So, driving through Arkansas was worth it. Not every day you see a car engulfed in flames.

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