February 5th, 2011

I didn't post this blog last night because my husband and I went to bed at 10:30 pm. On a Saturday.

In an attempt to save mine and my husband's reputations and prove that we are not, in fact, old fogies, today's picture is exhibit a (and my only evidence, really).

We put together this monster shelving unit last night. It was a lot of work, and involved a lot of hammering and swearing, and it basically took all the wind out of our sails - hence 10:30 bedtime.

The unit was labeled as a book shelf, but those would have to be some big ass books. We obviously thought it would be smaller, neither one of us read the dimensions before buying it, because we're absent minded.

I'm kind of glad it was bigger because I finally have a place to display all of my shot glasses. Laugh if you will, but I enjoy my shot glasses - though only about 15% of them have been used for measuring alcohol. They basically just look really cool, and are one of my few attempts at decorating.

But, mostly they're just an obnoxious way to display how many places I have been.

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