June 6th, 2011

Pretty soon I'm going to run out of things to take pictures of while I'm walking the kraken.

But, I did stumble upon something disturbing on our walk today.

First of all, it disturbs me that people are sticking their hands in the grill's ashes to put hand prints on it. The idea of getting my hands that dirty makes me cringe. But, I have a weird thing about having stuff on my hands.

Second, I can't think of why someone would bring red paint to a grill with the sole purpose of writing "HELP" on it. I wondered if it was ketchup, but on closer inspection it was clearly paint.

This grill looks like it was the center of a cult ritual trying to drag in a new member, who happened to be near red paint and could only think to write HELP on the side as an SOS to passersby.

Perhaps I'll start Nancy Drewing all the grills around housing for clues of cult activity.

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