June 3rd - June 5th, 2011

I had to force myself to update after three days of laziness. I almost didn't, but I made a commitment to - well I guess myself that I'd keep this thing going without posting 14 pictures in one blog.

So, on June 3rd I took a picture while on my daily walk with the kraken.

I have no idea what this building is. But, it looks like an old war building. The exclamation point signs bearing Germanic warnings make it seem ominous though. I could go into what I imagine happened in here, but it might be true, and that would just lessen the comedy.

On June 4th I took my first drive in Germany. I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous, more about driving my husband's monster hooptie than driving in Germany, but it turns out that the megabeast can be tamed slightly - if I smash the pedals hard enough, and I know my way to and from base after a million times of watching my husband drive there. I am proud of myself for learning at least one route, I am exceedingly hopeless with guiding 1,000 pounds of metal to the correct destination. But, the best part of my drive was this sign.

I assume PETA did this. Honestly, as a meat-eater I find it annoying. But, mostly I found it more amusing, and I found it awesome that I could actually read the words on a sign in this country, because I am very, very bad at understanding German.

But, my very first reaction was, "but...they're so delicious."

Today, June 5th, I asked my husband to test his abilities.

My dog was accosting him yet again, and I asked him if he could still pick him up. Clearly, he can. The last time we were at the vet, Barnacle weighed 51 pounds and I'm pretty sure he's gained weight since. He has about three feet of extra skin to still grow into, a little of which you can see bunched up around Daniel's hand, so I'm sure he'll be gaining weight at a pretty steady rate for the next 6 months and next time it might not be so easy if I ask my husband to heft the kraken over his head.

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