June 21st - 22nd, 2011

As I am perpetually unemployed (can you detect the self pity here) I should be able to update more often. So, here I am, at 12:30 in the morning, posting.

On Monday, June 21st, I noted a gradual change occurring in my hyper, crazy, rambunctious puppy.

He sleeps more. I can't fully explain how much of a relief this is. I think Barnacle will go down in history as the most obnoxious puppy in the world - constantly jumping on everyone, running around the room like a psychotic beast, following me everywhere. I will say that I love my dog - most of the time. But, it's really nice to get some peace and quiet without having to confine him to his crate.

Today, the 22nd, I noted our new sophisticated lifestyle.

We have TWO change jars for TWO different types of currency. Well, really, one's an empty tennis ball dispenser and the other is a cheap piece of tupperware, but change jar just rolls of the tongue a little sweeter.

We are so fancy that we need somewhere to put our American change and somewhere to put our Euros. Mostly, I put my foot down for the jars because I'm constantly playing scavenger hunt for change in my house because it appears my husband has holes in all of his pockets that change just leaps out of.

I honestly don't know how change ends up all over our house, perhaps Daniel is hiding it for me to find in order to add some excitement to my unemployed life.

Squeezing in between the washer and dryer and plieing to pick up an errant quarter is not my idea of a thrilling afternoon. But, it does allow me to drag out my rusty ballet. Swan Lake here I come.

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