June 13th, 2011

A little introduction to today's blog.

I'm not much of a domestic goddess. If left to my own devices I would spend all day in pajamas and leave my hair dirty and un-brushed. It is only because of my dog and having to take him out in public multiple times per day that I make an effort to look presentable, otherwise I wouldn't leave the house at all.

I never used to cook. My two mastered recipes were cookie bars and pasta salad, and that was only because it's hard to get people to cook those two things for you. Any time I found myself in the kitchen I was generally using the microwave or tearing my hair out trying to create an over-the-top recipe that never turned out quite right.

That being said, I have recently found out that I don't suck as a cook when I don't set my sights on the cooking Taj Mahal. This is a pretty big shock to me, considering I always, always, ALWAYS hated cooking prior to getting married. But, upon saying "I do," I found that I don't really suck at cooking dinner.

That being said, two years ago I would not have taken to the kitchen when I was in a self pitying mood in order to snap myself out of it. There may have been eating involved, but little to no cooking on my part. Alas, it is two years later and I've learned how to use a frying pan without injuring anyone.

So, when I found myself in a state of self deprecation and sadness tonight, I took to the kitchen.

And I made schnitzel. It seemed only fitting due to my new Germanic address.

It tasted a.maz.ing. Just in case you were wondering.

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