June 1st - June 2nd, 2011

Yesssss, I am only catching up on two days in this blog! Perhaps I'm on the road to... better blogging? I can't think of anything more clever than that.

Anyway, Germany rang in June with an exceedingly rainy day. However, by the late afternoon it shifted to just a cloudy day so I was able to take the kraken on a walk and on that walk we encountered something creepy.

This drawing is featured on the back side of one of the family housing apartment buildings. I do not know why there is a creepy lion or why he is surrounded by hand prints - but I'm going to assume that the lion reels you in with his charming "hi," and then proceeds to cut off your hands to make prints on the wall with your blood. I never knew Germany was known for lion serial killers, but now I'm on the alert.

June 2nd is a tribute to Barnacle's charm.

While on our walk, Barnacle came across a rather large black German Shepherd. Of course, Barnacle was racing to get to the other dog, and as soon as they met, the German Shepherd proceeded to make out with Barnacle's head. Yeah, what you're seeing is that dogs foamy drool coating the top of his head and his ear. Barnacle's got the charm, yo.

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